positively aggressive


What is your positive aggressive language?

Do you sometimes collide with other people? Do you now and then react in such an angry way that you regret it afterwards? Do you take your emotions out on other people from time to time? Do you sometimes become angry because you suffered injustice? Do you feel frustrated when nobody listens to you? Do you sometimes feel powerless? Do you often have the impression that others try to make you angry? Do you feel provoked every so often? Do you find yourself in a conflict situation with relatives or close friends too often?

What changes can you make? How can you cope with it to be able to move forward positively? Do you want to be proud of yourself and what you have reached, instead of being ashamed about the damage you sometimes inflict?

Anyone who wants to find a way to use his/her anger, frustrations and aggression in a positive way is warmly welcome at Touché. With solution-focused coaching, training, workshops, boxing sessions, creative projects, stillness activities and campaigns, Touché gets to work with people to convert their anger into positive power. We use the fuel of anger to get things done, changed and improved. In this way we ensure that aggression does not have to result in destructive violence, but rather becomes a magical beauty and connection-creating force. Aggression tells us that something important is going on, that requires change and in which a wish is hidden. Letting the energy in aggression act as fuel for beautiful wishes is the art we try to master.

Everyone has his/her preferred strategy for dealing with his/her own anger and aggression, to keep it or make it livable and workable, and to get or keep it at the appropriate temperature. The art of anger always consists in finding the perfect balance, dosage, expression, timing and focus for it.

It is helpful to know yourself in this, and at the same time broaden your options by experimenting with other types of solutions. Because not every situation allows shouting out your aggression, for example. The aim of everything we do at Touché to channel anger is to increase freedom of choice and flexibility in what you can do in moments of anger, so that the result can be something you are proud of.

Touché creates a sanctuary, a free space where people can go at times when it is useful for them to experiment, to extract knowledge about themselves and their anger, and to get their angry energy at the right temperature so that the tension it contains can give direction to their dreams. At the moment we offer talking, boxing and silence activities at Touché and new creative projects are in the making. We do everything individually and in groups as much as possible, in order to maximize the freedom of choice and combination options.

Are you curious how that works for you? Here you can find all the possibilities.

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