positively aggressive



Make the anger hero or happy warrior in yourself or someone else shine



Touché is helping to build an international community of anger heroes. Because aren't we all anger heroes? Anyone who ever feels anger, knows how to decipher the 'wish in disguise' within anger and then surfs the wave of that angry energy to bring about a small or large positive change, is an anger hero.

Discover the anger hero in yourself, be inspired by others, talk to the RAWbot, ... at https://www.angerheroes.com/

Happy warriors / Touché-gear

Feel free to browse our webshop and buy your sweetheart, mom, cool niece, yourself or dear neighbor a present. That is actually only win-win-win-win-win, because not only those people, yourself and whatever is going on between you benefits, because who does not like to receive and give a present, especially if that is also a cool gift? Anyone we've seen hopping around in the Touché collection so far immediately got a nice soft/tough aura - just look at those photos! You give the world a beautiful positive aggressive color by showing the prints to everyone who can see you or your loved ones shine in all the big and small things you do every day. And last but not least, you ensure that Touché can do even more crazy and beautiful things for people, because the profit goes entirely and directly to our therapy work!


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