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Touché : Transform aggression into a force for good

Touché is an organization in Ghent, Belgium, that wants to make the world positively aggressive. Anyone with a question about his or her anger and aggression is welcome at Touché. With solution-focused guidance, training, workshops and campaigns we try to find the most optimal 'temperature' for our anger together. We harness the fuel of anger to get things done, changed, and improved. In this way we ensure that aggression does not have to result in destructive violence, but rather becomes a magical force that creates beauty and connection. Here you can hear us talk about how we do that.

We do this without waiting lists, without financial barriers, without exclusion or other intake procedures and without obeying political tendencies, but with a radical choice for positive anger, unusual combinations, connection and emotion. We choose radically with our gut feeling, in an uninhibited positively aggressive way, to search for good choices in every moment and to build warm nests with and around people. Whether we see people becoming happy is the criterion to check whether we are doing the right thing. You can read more about that here.

Touché works independently and transparently (www.donorinfo.be).

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