positively aggressive


Can I turn to Touché to shoot my anger to the moon?

No. Rather, we do the opposite. We can't or won't help you get rid of your anger. In fact, we believe very much in the potential, desires and wishes of anger. We would like to discover with you what useful and beautiful things your anger has to tell you, what your optimal angry temperature might be and how you can adjust your inner thermostat accordingly.

How old or young should I be?

Although anger is something that belongs to everyone and therefore something that belongs to young and old, our menu right now is primarily geared toward people 12 and older. We may not keep this up forever and ever, but for now it looks like this.

Can I receive a proof of registration?

Find your ammo here. With a press of the download button you have conjured up a certificate! No, we do not personalize, sign, confirm, stamp, ... this document. Because we choose to shoot our nut mainly in doing useful things with people, and not with paper.

Can I register myself or someone else?

Certainly! You can do so here to leave your own information, and here to sign someone else up. And believe it or not, that is also our complete registration procedure!

How can I make an appointment?

We are very glad you found us! We would love to see you and your anger come to us! Every week we schedule a time when new people are welcome for a solution-oriented conversation (individual or group, depending on how many people are there at the time) about their anger and aggression. Find the next few moments here. You are welcome to just drop in at one or more of these times. Still, does being enrolled feel better to you? Feel free to let yourself go here.

Is therapy/counseling the best way to get my aggression to a proper temperature?

Throughout the years we have learned that people draw solutions from a four solution group. If you are hungry and would like to read more about this, you can do so through this link. Through this link you can find out what we currently have on offer. We learned that it's helpful to discover what works well for you AND to develop multiple strategies in dealing with and getting your anger up to temperature because then you can face the world more flexibly and comfortably.

I doubt if Touché is a good place for me.

We'd love to ping-pong about this with you. Leave your phone number here, and we'll give you a call.

What's the cost?

Everyone is more than warmly welcome, but we work with professionals whom we are happy to pay for their services. Therefore, please contribute to the Touché pocket at your own convenience and ability. Read here how we handle money as badasses in solidarity. Payment can be made on the spot, cash or via Bancontact, or by bank transfer to BE15 0003 2565 1430.

I already have a contact but I don't have his or her contact information.

If you already have a companion/contact person in Touché, it is useful to contact them personally. Through this link you can find all Touché companions and their contact information.

Can I have an intake interview from prison?

We are currently visiting the prison in Oudenaarde. Let us hear from you there and we will meet soon. If you are in another prison, you are welcome through exit permits. Through this link you can find what we currently have on offer.

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