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Reculer pour mieux sauter

2022 is a Touché anniversary year. We are 15 years old. And to celebrate that, we're trying something new. In another language, to complete the challenge: 'reculer pour mieux sauter'. We are putting our oldest, fifteen-year partnership with the judiciary on a break. For 2 months. To step on the accelerator for conversations, thinking exercises, experiments, contexts, ... that bring us closer to what we find important in collaborations. To shape and color the world positively and aggressively together with people of all walks of life. And to jump full steam after those 2 months at the service of people who want to do the same in the context of justice, in a way that we can fully believe in ourselves.

Because that belief is not there right now in that context. We felt first-hand what it means to be crushed by the judiciary. It chose to turn off the money tap, question our truthfulness and present us with false proposals. We can almost imagine the impotence of being wrongly accused of a crime, or what inmates and their families must feel at a court hearing.

This break allows to create breathing space, let in fresh air, recalibrate, ... with people in justice. But also to make room for other collaborations, new ideas, all kinds of silly things. To connect even more radically than we had intended with people instead of systems. To form an army of happy warriors and badasses in solidarity around people who are now in danger of falling out. To lay the relational, financial and substantive foundations for a new justice system from April 1, '22. And who knows what those new foundations could create in other areas.

Will you come and bathe during that break time? Are you stoking the fire under that warm bath? Do you have surplus swimming rings? Come participate in one of the Touché activities in the spring, adopt one of the people we work with, literally help us buy time by making a donation, come and think with us how we can all continue with our conflicts with dignity, shoot yourself into action as a happy warrior, ... Let's kick some ass and let's turn this tanker around.

Let us know, we welcome you with all your ideas, suggestions, actions, questions, ... with great pleasure, even more, it would do us great pleasure! You can find us at Kortrijksesteenweg 391 in Ghent, via info@vzwtouche.be or 0477/60.54.09.

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