Are you interested in our methodology, our story, our testimonies? Do you also want to learn how to deal with aggression in a constructive way or how to teach it to other people?

We create contexts in which people can learn how to deal with their own aggression in a constructive and solution focused way or how to help others to learn it. We offer several modules you can use separately or in combination:

- intervision - supervision - process guidance - interactive workshop - educative workshop - training
- for people who look for ways to find their right aggression-dosis - youngsters with questions about aggression - professionals who guide others in dealing with their aggression - students - employers who want to offer their employees a powerful positive training - ...

Please let us know your needs or questions. We will discuss the possibilities with you. We always take into account your specific question, your context and the target group to customise our offer and adjust our modules to your needs as much as possible. We gladly make a proposal for you!

“Problem talk creates problems, solution talk creates solutions”
(Steve de Shazer)

Attention! We do not offer any sessions about ‘how to deal with other people’s aggression’, we are not specialists in countering acute aggression, we do not organise sessions about safety or crisis management and we do not teach self-defence techniques. For these subjects, we kindly refer you to the large offer of other organisations and professionals.