You prefer not to think about the day you pass away. However, it could be meaningful to do so anyway. Support us after you passed away. Let the light of your concern never go out.

By assigning vzw touché as your heir or joint heir in your will, your concern about a nonviolent society continues. Vzw touché needs such durable concern badly.

You do not need to be a millionaire at all to mention a good cause in your will. You can also leave smaller amounts of money or certain goods. Many people forget that, for instance, their house constitutes a large part of their property.

Contact your notary to make your will. Remember that you can change or revoke your will at any time.

Especially for people without children it is nice to know that their money will be well-spent. For them, a duo-bequest is even fiscally advantageous if they also want to leave something to a remote family member or a friend. When you mention vzw touché in your will, the inheritance tax is limited to 8.8% in Flanders, to 12.5% in the Brussels-capital Region and to 7% in the Walloon Region. A bequest to vzw touché can sometimes be more advantageous with respect to the total amount of the inheritance tax, without aggrieving your own family. This is called a duo-bequest. In most of the cases you can only donate a part of your property, the so-called disposable portion. However, you will need to take into account the (forced) heirs, the heirs who are entitled by law to a certain portion of your property.

More and more people mention good causes in their wills. That is why these bequests tend to be tax free on an international level. However, Belgium seems to be one of the worst pupils in class: it is one of the last countries to keep on taxing these bequests. Surf to www.nultarief.be and help broadening the public support for a zero charge on inheritance taxes.