Do you have a reason to party or would you like to give someone else an unusual present? Think about vzw touché!

Do you have a reason to party?

Do you organise a party to celebrate a jubilee, an anniversary or a wedding and you are keen on vzw touché? Then, as a present, you can ask your guests to make a donation for vzw touché. You can ask vzw touché for a ‘Geweldig Geraakt’-kit (‘Tremendously Touched’ kit). It includes more information about vzw touché, folders, posters and –if you wish- a set of cards and/or stress balls.

Possible donations can be made on touché’s account number BE15 0003 2565 1430. Please state Party NAME + LAST NAME in the communication box.

Looking for a present?

There are occasions galore for which people like to give presents. But what to give? Avoid the stress and contribute to a non-violent society as a present.

If you let us know in time that you want to make a donation as a present, we will provide an appropriate touching present you can give to the party animal.