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Weekly training

Out of the boks trainings in summer : Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon

Do you want to build your condition through boxing techniques and at the same time deal with your anger in a useful way? Do you want to learn how to fight just to fight less? Do you want to be able to use your aggressive energy in a positive way? Do you have no idea what boxing would do to you, but does it arouse your curiosity? Are you older than 12? Then Out of the Boks might be something for you!

We aim to make something out of or with anger that we can be proud of. Everyone is welcome and there is something for everyone: one-off sessions, series of a number of weeks, live and online meetings, at home and at Touché, for beginners and seriously advanced, for serious rascals and quiet zen masters, ...

You can come and hit it every Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon, with Ismail, Wesley and Hassan. More information and tickets can be found here or on our Facebookpage.

Individual boxing training is also possible. For this you can contact info@vzwtouche.be or 0477/60.54.09.

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