positively aggressive



In the eye of the storm : the last Monday evening of the month

Touché would like to invite you to come and quietly reconcile yourself with your frenzy on Monday evening 27 June, 29 August, 26 September, 31 October or 28 November from 6 pm to 8 pm together with others.

Everyone has his/her preferred strategy for dealing with his/her own anger and aggression, to keep it or make it livable and workable, and to get or keep it at the appropriate temperature. The art of anger always consists in finding the perfect balance, dosage, mode of expression, timing and focus for your anger.

Lieven and Wesley are your guides in dealing constructively with your tension, frustrations and anger, by stepping in or out completely in silence and with full attention. This way you can choose more what you focus on and what you protect yourself from. Together with a group of fellow seekers you experiment with different stillness exercises. This way you get to know the silence applications that are most useful to you.

No experience is required, any savage and curious self is warmly welcomed! You can register for an amount of your choice between 1 and 20 euros. In this way we are all badasses in solidarity by contributing to the joint silence pot according to our own ability and wish.


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