positively aggressive


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Colère Artistique

Touché SMAK 108

On October 6, a bunch of beautiful angry people presented their work, thoughts, uppercuts and other dazzling creations. Colère is indeed a beauty-creating force, that much became clear!

You can admire a few creations here. And who can't get enough of it: some works can still be viewed for a while in the SMAK and for sale for the benefit of Touché! Interested? Contact us via info@vzwtouche.be and we will be happy to show you the way!

Thank you Dirk Domen, Wendy Vandeputte, Kwartsman, Mike Claeys, Bruno Herzeele & Elke Thuy, Laura Otte, Lisa-Marie Parmentier, Mie Vandenbussche, Sebastiaan Cielen, Lindah Leah Nyirenda, Alain Platel, Philippe Van Cauteren, Bérengère Bodin and all Touché -, Filmpact and SMAK companions who made this evening shine! Thank you to everyone who came to look, listen, taste, box, think, ...! And thank you Wendy Vandeputte and Katrien Geleleens to capture everything so beautifully!

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