What can vzw touché mean for you?

Together we will find out how you can deal with your rage, anger and feelings of impotence in a different way and how you can use your strength in a constructive way. We work in different stages. Your deadlock and the things you are already good at constitute our point of departure.

1. a barometer: you learn to recognise and acknowledge your own thoughts, feelings and behaviour, you learn about aggression related inciting factors and physical signals (e.g. we will do physical exercises and emotion scans, we will elaborate situations of aggression and solved situations in detail, we will use conversation-based therapy)

2. a thermostat: you learn to control and steer your own aggression, you learn to provoke thoughts and actions that calm you, you learn new ways to evoke peace and quiet and safety (e.g. mindfulness exercises, relaxation exercises, focus on communication, extend nonaggressive moments, …)

3. ecology: During the coaching period, we also pay attention to the people in your social environment (family, friends, colleagues, other care takers, ...). They will at least be the subject of a conversation, but we can invite them to our sessions too. Coming to terms with traumatic experiences can also be part of the counselling sessions.

4. a constructive plan for the future: you will learn to channel the power that can lead to aggression through drawing solution-oriented plans (e.g. the GPS-method, the 4-step dance, elaborating a dream for the future, defining and deploying your strengths and resources, learning how to deal with obstacles along the way, ...)

5. (re-)integration: you will learn how to cope with moments of crisis and relapse in a solution-oriented way, how to stumble without falling, how to reinforce your resilience and perhaps you will even look for solutions to other people’s situation.