How exactly do we work?

We offer individual counselling sessions, in which we can involve your close circle of friends and/or relatives if you would like. The duration of the counselling and the frequency of the sessions will be customised together with you.

You can apply for counselling by phone, by e-mail, by letter or by filling in the application form. You can apply personally or by referral (by another care taker, a general practitioner, a probation service officer, a lawyer, a psychosocial counselling service,…). Together with you, we will clarify your question and we will look which one of us can find an answer to it as soon and as well as possible.

The price per sessions depends on your judicial and financial situation and will be set during the first contact moment. In principle, prisoners or ex-prisoners pay 40 euros per session. Clients without prison experience pay 60 euros per session. We can, however, in exceptional cases of financial problems, look for a third-party payment system.

Our team consists of professional counsellors and therapists. We commit ourselves to provide you with the most appropriate counsellor and to assure continuity.