17 02 2021

A Minister can be positively aggressive too!

Minister of Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne was our guest yesterday. He took part in a conversation with Ismail Abdoul, a detainee and an ex-detainee, all close acquaintances of Touché, in the prison of Oudenaarde. We have had the honor for a while to see them do amazing things, including in our boxing project for young people. And now they have a new fan with the minister!

This is his story about it:

“And you? When have you been proud of what you have done with your anger?”, Ex-boxer and ex-convict Ismail Abdoul asked me. Not an easy question. I talked about my demented father. I am mad at myself for not spending enough time with him.

Talking about anger is one way of dealing with aggression better. The non-profit organization Touché knows all about it. Since 2007 they have been teaching conflict management courses in four of our prisons. With very good results. Prisoners who participate are much less likely to end up in crime again afterwards. The chance of recidivism is halved.

I asked our prison staff to forward suggestions for my policy. More conflict management was most common. Logical too. This is good for everyone. For the inmates themselves. For prison staff, who can work more safely. And for all of us. Because 95% of the prisoners are released at some point.

That is why I am going to provide extra money for these courses. So that we can give them in all our prisons in the future. That is meaningful detention. Ensuring that inmates leave prison as a better person. This makes our society safer.”

07 12 2020

Impact Monday - We need more anger to solve violence

We were honored to be the guest at the Impact Mondays of the Impact House in Brussels, the hub for positive impact.

You can read more about it here, or watch the recording of the session here.

09 06 2020

When nothing is certain, anything is possible

During the first Covid19 wave we, together with a number of fellow Ashoka fellows, decided to tell how we look at what we see happening in society in a video.

03 06 2020

For equality