Partners in crime


Icoba: Iedereen COmpetent in het Beheersen van Agressie (Everyone Competent in Curtailing Aggression): knowledge and expertise centre for the Flemish welfare and health sector, that supports organisations to tackle aggression structurally and in an integrated way.

vzw Zijn: movement against violence and abuse in confidential relationships.


The Houses: organisation that aims at realising pilot projects with small-scaled, integrated and differentiated detention houses

Bond Zonder Naam (Organisation without Name): movement that wants to reinforce the best in each person and that wants to draw attention on universal values

Liga voor Mensenrechten (Human Rights League): human rights movement that combats injustice and encroachments on the rights of individuals and communities


Korzybski Instituut: international training centre for solution-focused therapy

Ilfaro: solution-focused coaching centre

VDO, Flemish Association of professionals in the solution-focused, cognitive and systemic therapy, pedagogy and coaching


Donorinfo: electronical data base sharing objective information and verified figures of different Belgian and/or foreign organisations

Welzijnszorg: movement that fights against poverty and exclusion

Ashoka: international network of innovative social entrepreneurs

Oever: Overleg Ethisch Vermogensbeheer (Consultative association for Ethical Asset Management)

Venture Philanthropy Fund, administered by Koning Boudewijnstichting

Artevelde University College

Karel de Grote University College - Centre of Expertise Strength-based Social Work

FOD Justitie

Province of East-Flanders