Violence is a huge and growing social phenomenon that affects us daily. It is in our own interest to find solutions to it. Vzw touché wants to inspire society to deal with aggression in a constructive way and works with people who get into trouble because of aggression. We find constructive and efficient solutions by using the power and energy of aggression and transform it into positive energy, successful reintegration and a reduced recidivism. Our solution is to recognise aggression, control and channel it into positive purposes.

We want to reduce the risk of aggressive incidents and increase the chance of positive expressions of aggression; we want to work with people on their unacceptable behaviour in a restorative way; we want to encourage the reintegration of (ex)prisoners in society; we want to offer (ex)prisoners more opportunities for self-improvement in order to increase their quality of life as autonomous individuals and in relation to other people; we strive and collaborate to create a more liveable climate in prisons and make sentence implementation content more active, meaningful and humane.
Aggression takes place within the relationship with other people. Our actions aim to offer people alternative ways to communicate so as to learn how to solve conflicts in a non-violent way. In this manner our offer can support people in contacts at work, in more intimate relationships, in the relationship with their children, in the contact with other prisoners or prison staff, etc.

For us it is important to customise our offer to our clients, to offer different kinds of guidance and choose the approach that would yield the best results for him or her together with the client. Continuity and a integrated and complete approach are our key words.