Aggression will not disappear, since it is human. Especially those who are going through a difficult period – and unfortunately more and more people belong to this group– make trouble.

Violence causes very much harm:

- Each day 4,000 people die and 120,000 end up in hospital because of violence (World Health Organization)

- Partner violence annually costs Belgium 439 million euros or 42 euros per citizen (Board of equal treatment of men and women)

The way we react on aggression– repression seems to be our only answer – makes us powerless. We are trapped in a vicious circle of aggression and repression. Just think of detention, the reaction on violence we most use. Its effect is not only small, it even worsens the problem. No less than 50-70% of the prisoners relapse after detention and yet we use this way of punishing more and more.

Frustration about this situation has been our breeding ground. And aggression counselling for (ex)prisoners inside and outside prison was the result.