Respect as a basic value

Respect defines the way in which touché approaches people, contexts, emotions, people’s stories and systems. Respect mobilises. A respectful contact is the foundation for a strong mandate to work, determine limits and to change.

People with aggression problems – although aggression in itself runs counter to respect – need to be approached with respect precisely for this reason. It is not until the underlying frustration is recognised and accepted that we can look for constructive ways to deal with it.

Human rights

Violence violates some fundamental human rights. To answer violence with more violence is exactly the same. If we want other people to behave respectfully, we should approach them with respect as well.

Equality and dignity

Equality, dignity, positive connection, autonomy, fair and equal opportunities should lead to constructive change.

We try to differentiate and connect to counter polarisation. Reality is diverse, complex and colourful. Taking into account all facets of it makes it possible to create a healthy, flexible, human and safe relationship with that reality and with each other.

Being solution focused as a principle

Vzw touché is solution-oriented and thinks, works and looks in this way. Our key words are hope, freedom of choice, creativity, open mind, movement, innovation, a critical look at things, strengths and resources, future-oriented.

A constructive and hopeful approach increases the chance to yield positive results, especially in negative systems.