We equally deal with aggression as a problem and at the same time use its power, just like while dancing the tango you use your partner’s energy to perform a nice movement.

Vzw touché developed a specific solution and methodology to convert aggression into a constructive strength, as an alternative to the traditional approach of punishment, repression and detention. It consists of solution-oriented and systemic therapeutic aggression counselling and training, during which people learn how to recognise their own aggression, control it and channel it into constructive objectives.

Our methodology has proven to be very useful in prisons and rehabilitation contexts. (Self-)respect turned out to be the key: when you feel all right about yourself, you will respect others and when you treat other people respectfully, you will get respect in return.

The solution-oriented methodology roughly means: starting from the future you desire; looking at past successes, existing qualities, steps taken; preparing for possible obstacles; and eventually, undertake more actions that work and stop undertaking actions that do not work at all.