Training, inter- or supervision for professionals

Are you faced with your own aggression in your job, or do other people ask you questions about it? Is this sometimes difficult for you or would you like some support? Are you as a professional suddenly faced with a client referred by the judiciary and would you like our advice built on our experiences and collaboration with the judiciary? Would you like to know more about our methodology in order to implement it in your own work? Do you want to know more about how to work on aggression in a solution-oriented way?

For whom?

Psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, teachers, prison staff, medical staff, counsellors in youth care institutions

In the past we have already organised sessions for the Korzybski Institute and Bemiddelink.

Do you want to organise a training?

We offer trainings of 1 to maximum 5 days, for groups of at least 10 participants. One session costs 500 euros per morning or afternoon. Do you want to organise a training for your team? Please contact us at Check our agenda for possible open training sessions.


We do not offer any sessions about ‘how to deal with other people’s aggression’, we are not specialists in countering acute aggression, we do not organise sessions about safety or crisis management and we do not teach self-defence techniques. For these subjects, we kindly refer you to the large offer of other organisations and professionals.

Apply for a supervision?

Contact us on After considering your question, we will look for the supervisor in our team who is most appropriate to help you. Individual supervision costs 80 euros per session of 1 hour. We can organise group supervisions on demand as well. Check our agenda to find group supervisions you can sign up for.