Insight Inside

Educational sessions for youngsters including a testimony by an expert by experience and the movie INSIGHT INSIDE

In 2013, touché started a project group in the Oudenaarde prison, consisting of men who had been in aggression counselling for some time and meanwhile had become experts in dealing with their own aggression. Together with them we looked for a way to deploy their expertise for the benefit of others. They decisively opted for youngsters.

In 2014 this project group made a movie ‘Insight Inside’, in cooperation with Nic Balthazar and Alexander Van Waes. Watch the trailer.

Now, touché offers educational sessions for groups of youngsters. One session lasts 3 hours and is guided by a counsellor and an expert by experience. It includes: -A testimony by an expert by experience -Display of the movie ‘Insight inside’ with a subsequent discussion -A methodological account on aggression -10 stress balls

Price: 200 € + expenses for transportation. Or do you want to organise your own fundraising activity for the benefit of touché? That would be fantastic!

Interested? Please contact us:
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“With this movie and educational session we hope to make a difference and to make youngsters give the issue some thought, especially those who made wrong choices in the past. We want them to think about the choices they’ve made, where they led to or where they can possibly lead to. We want them to reflect upon whether this really is the way they want to continue going. We hope this movie and educational session to be an eye-opener for some of the participants, even if it is just for a little while. We hope that those who guide them can fall back on this moment to search for a better coping mechanism together, to look forward, to discover their skills and talents, to add a positive content to their lives, to work in a constructive way and to prepare them for a better future. That is what we hope.”
Intention of the makers of the movie and the educational session

“The students found this session very interesting. It confronted them with their ideas on criminality and detention. Many students had feelings of sympathy for the expert by experience and felt quite uncomfortable about that feeling afterwards. But I think that it was a positive experience. They asked themselves questions about what would be the right reaction of society, about the chances the expert is given now, about the problems he will face in the future … I think the students (or at least some of them) for the first time reflected that prisoners are humans as well, with certain problems and certain capacities, with a past but above all with a future.”
A teacher’s evaluation after an educational session