14 09 2017

Silence Is Not an Option!

We had the honor of being visited and interviewed by the gentlemen of Silence Is not an Option. They were curious about how to use aggressive energy for the good, and not just how, but why we do what we do at Touché.

Thanks, Anthony & Tom!

16 12 2016

Comedy night

The 16th of December 2016 Dries Heyneman played his show ‘Jenny’ for Touché. Next to the laughter and joy this gave us 900 euro for the Touché-projects!

26 10 2016

From fist power to resilience - a more than successful Gingo crowdfunding campaign!

Thank you so much Gingo, Ashoka, Degroof Petercam, Bart, Jan, WR, Luigi, Guy, DVV, Anne, Bart, Raf, Hannelore, Joris, Nathalie, Donald, Wendy, Steven, Nathalie, Tom, Wannes, Els, Henk, Marc, Bart, Deborah, Adélie, Lothje, Hendrik, Anouk, Christophe, Alexander, Pascal, Emmanuelle, Clémentine, Jonathan, Camille, Anne, Piet, Virginie, Luk, Marleen, Pauline, Jurgen, Hilde, Brecht, Silvia, Bernard, Els, Heidi, Wim, Marieke, Tom, Dirk, Bram, Nele, Marc, Bram, Charles, Inge, Anton, Tobias, Luk, Fleur, Frank, Marc, Hilde, Maaike, Michel, Fabienne, Pol, Griet and Cis!

18 10 2016

The first run for Touché was a success!

The 16th of October was the first Run for Touché!

A group of runners participated the half marathon in Antwerp for Touché!

And how!

- all runners finished the half marathon!

- the supporters enjoyed the runners, shouting, the sun, the atmosphere, ...

- the sponsors collected 845 euros for them

- they finished between 2:01:16 and 2:33:12

- one of the runners already mentioned she wants revenge next year…

- one of the candidates who couldn’t participate wants to make it up next year

That sounds like a tradition has started!

24 09 2016

Touché wins European award!

Touché gave a talk at the EBTA conference in Bruges and was honored with the Award for Excellence in Solution Focused Practice by the European Brief Therapy Association!