14 10 2017

Interview ‘Internal Kitchen’ Radio 1: Long live aggression!

In ‘Internal Kitchen’ on Radio 1, Marjan told about our view of aggression, under the slogan: “Long live aggression! We have aggression. We can better learn to live with it. The only question is: how?”

It is in each of us. And this is a good thing too! Because without anger nothing will change. In a world without anger we do not want to live. Dissatisfaction helps people move mountains. Anger is a power source that helps people to tackle abuses. Babies who cannot do something, become angry and get to know their boundaries. Top sport always has something aggressive. Ditto for good sex. You don’t want all that drowsy and slap and secure and well-behaved.

But you also don’t want to be repulsed by your husband or kill your child in a fit of rage. Or bump into a returned Syria warrior on the street that stands stiff of adrenaline and testosterone. Aggression is terrifying. At the same time, there is no escape. How do you fix it?

For Marjan Gryson the answer is clear. She gives guidance to detainees and aggression for 10 years, and for her it’s very simple: we have aggression. We better learn to live with it. The only question is: how?

06 10 2017

We found an ally in Michaël Roskam!

foto Het Nieuwsblad - Frank Bahnmüller

Michaël Roskam is committed to following the premiere of his new movie Le Fidèle contributing to a more constructive detection system. To do this, he was inspired by conversations with the project group of Touché. The result was seen in Het Nieuwsblad, in De Standaard, on the VTM-news and in De Afspraak.

19 09 2017

Book event ‘Positive aggressive’ 19-09-2017 De Krook Gent

Our world can use some resilience. Therefore we need creativity, freedom of choice, coping ànd fist power. Marjan Gryson & Veerle De Waele, authors of the book ‘Positive aggressive’ made a solution focused fist, together with strong 10 speakers and Raymond Van het Groenewoud. With their talk the speakers gave a view on the role of anger in their life and work. Raymond van het Groenewoud played his beautiful music. Anton Stellamans & Geert Lefevere guided us through the evening in their solution focused way. The evening ended with a nice reception. And all of this in the center of innovation: The Krook in Gent!

To enjoy: Here you’ll find the story of the evening and here you can find the Facebook page of the event.


Raymond Van het Groenewoud


Marjan Gryson & Veerle De Waele


Anton Stellamans & Geert Lefevere


Steve Reynders, Wendy Vandeputte & Pol Cosmo


Koen Geens, Christine Mussche, Bleri Lleshi, Hans Claus, Belo Mussche, Myriam Lefevere De Ten Hove, Niels Janssens, Luk Dewulf, Bruno Callens & Tobias Leenaert

14 09 2017

Silence Is Not an Option!

We had the honor of being visited and interviewed by the gentlemen of Silence Is not an Option. They were curious about how to use aggressive energy for the good, and not just how, but why we do what we do at Touché.

Thanks, Anthony & Tom!

16 12 2016

Comedy night

The 16th of December 2016 Dries Heyneman played his show ‘Jenny’ for Touché. Next to the laughter and joy this gave us 900 euro for the Touché-projects!